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Welcome to Regnum Last Sanctum!

Posted by Namy July 7th 2020

Welcome Adventurer!

My name is Grégory Namy also known as Namy or as Myrmex on discord. I am happy you got interested to read and learn more about Regnum Last Sanctum.

Hopefully you have read about the game and its lore here and if not take a look!

Let me be frank.

This Game Project initially started from following game franchises of failing Kickstarter mmorpgs also labeled as perhaps I'd refer to it as "never to be finished" known as Chronicles of Elyria, Rulers of the Sea, Star Citizen and so on just to name a few. Supposedly to come out but never have, after years of development and investment. My Gaming Buddies and I invested several thousands of our precious hardworked time and money into them to form long lasting gaming communities that still persists to this day. There it is where I have met my best gaming friends to this day. I guess in harsh times it is required to get together! When Winter falls, the pack survives.

Out of frustration and lack of these types of games, not just kickstarter wise but also gameplay wise in terms to balancing, I have decided to delve into this and see for myself to create a unique adventure, pvp and sandbox online type of a game.

I've been playing games my whole life.

Starting Regnum Online in 2008 which is aswell a one man made online game with great pvp aspects. Years later then I entered Darkfall Online and Mortal Online in 2010 and played several Ultima Online modded servers and later on in Life is feudal and Last Oasis. Yes I am a great fan of RPG and PvP content, dating all the way back to what I grew up with Berserk.

Hardcore pvp committed for years. These hardcore pvp games never gave me back those chills and excitment I have when I get to defeat someone or several players, even though they are all skillbased and always interesting in that regard. The Skill ceiling got reduced to allow all players to play on equal footing. The thrill of skillbased pvp, the excitement and constant fear of death, losing your bag of inventory, conquering and building magnificient Forts who might perish the next day, true survival of the fittest. These games have formed my RPG, PvP and Sandbox inspiration Toolset with lots of varities that I want to bring into Regnum Last Sanctum.

My background as a Designer began all the way back 2012 in the Skyrim modding community starting from small things like Stones ... yes I started out as a Stone modeler!

Yep.. unfortunately I don't have the stone I modeled from back then but here you go.. this picture is quite similar to mine, mine was of course much worse.

You wouldn't have though that people actually spent their time modeling stones in game environments right? Well you guessed wrong! It's all handmade, credit goes to the Skywind Project, made with lots of love and passion.

Coming back.. I was intrigued by its so immersive RPG world and continued on to create assets may it be in 3D or 2D.

This is my largest unity game project that I invested my time into as a hobby and side thing. And I accept any feedback or criticism to further the development and for the betterment of the game.

I've been facing many stones on my road ahead yet I am to call myself lucky to be surrounded by a strong and long established fellowship of gaming Friends who like to consult me and advice me on my work. With the help of a few freelancers and a handful of friends I am proud to announce the very first phase of Regnum Last Sanctum.

Regnum last sanctum Z (Singleplayer)

Z stands for the free to play singleplayer demo series of Regnum Last Sanctum that is in Pre-Alpha. It is a proof of concept by showcasing our Concepts and Mechanics to introduce You to the World it envisions to create and prepare for its Online Multiplayer.

As you may have guessed, the style and looks we strife for, that you can currently see in Media, is low poly toony type of a unique style, a combination of celtic and medieval fantasy. A Work in Progress as the Models are being refined and updated to fit the World Artstyle we envision to create. The main Idea is to create a skillbased and engaging Combat and PvP system in a evolving World that is Voxelized and Terraformable by interaction with tools and Housing by the Players and Npc's. Yes sounds amibitious right but if you look at Minecraft that got made by one person I truly believe it is something achievable and worth to look at.

Combining this Sandbox aspect with a medieval fantasy theme and challenging Npc AI behavior like the ones we saw in Mortal Online and Darkfall Online, we create this predator dominated World succumbed to evil beings and affected by the worlds weather system.

We can see a World full of Survival, Adventure and challenging Achievements.

Nonetheless this game is far from being finished and fully released and needs your support and help.


The goal right now is to finish the first Demo iterations to attract other interested Developers to be part of the project and to form a Team that will continuesly work on the game. All the while forming a Community of excited players.

By our Roadmap.

The first playable game version of the RLS Z demo series is the free to play Combat Demo. Accessible at v0.0.95 by the Z Testers (Early game testers).

RLS Z - Combat Demo

A free to play singleplayer Demo that contains mainly the Combat System aspect of the Npc AI hehavior and Player mechanics to test out the game functions and gain valuable feedback. Not to say too much. The Combat Demo will have three different modes of difficulty for you to try out and play. You will reincarnate as a Hero of the Nordheim tales and play an important part in its saga. All of this plays off in a very far distant land of Regnum, in the beginnings of the 3rd Era. The Age of Darkness. When the first malifient beings stepped into the World of Regnum to destroy it.

Your Quest is to protect the last settlement.

Take a look at the most recent world map generation of the continent Regnum.

(Work in Progress)

By the Players and for the Players is what we strife for.

When I think about this Game. I think about true PvP by Skill and by no means by level or gear. Immersive engagement with NPCs able to adapt and learn in this World with their own AI. Challenging Adventures against the World Environments, Creatures and Players. True exciting Survival and Exploration into Dungeons or into the Abyss. Forging a believable World and Saga with our own two hands where your actions meet consequences and actual gametime deserves Rewards. Lowpoly models I started out with!

I've been on this long journey to find the necessary sources and foundations to create this incredible Game Idea.

I believe a Game should be able to compensate Players with a lot of interactions that will give forth all kinds of feelings.

So far I’ve been able to self fund the development of Regnum Last Sanctum due to my own and friends capacities. Shall RLS Z reach the necessary amount of satisfaction by its Fellowship and Community and we have built a solid dev team.

RLS Alpha (Online)

The next phase known as RLS Alpha would then be initiated.

Continuing development all the way to a release of an Online Pvp Server with a player capacity of 100 players in a voxelized world where players can fight each other whenever they want known as RLS Alpha - Clan Wars.

And with that, this Game would go around the Globe with marketing, publishing and a Kickstarter to release its Concept to the medieval fantasy sandbox mmorpg survival Market with a bit of backing. Attracting more Gamers that would share the same thoughts and Ideas and thus create the community, fellowship and fund the necessary Development Team ... that this Game would need to become a Success. And by that I’d like to thank the Everybody and all the Communities who have supported this Project over these last years. Especially from my good veteran Gamer friends Rojax and Chidar and as well from my own boys the Mýrvikings and the Lyon community to have allowed this project to gain insight and experience over many sandbox pvp years that are being brought together to form this game.

Let us build the game that we deserve.

Stay tuned for our Journals to follow the progress of Regnum Last Sanctum and leave a like on our facebook page!

See you in the next Journal!

Grégory Namy

Game Dev


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